Kodi – LibreElec – Abeksis

Important note for Raspberry PI – Use maximum up to 16GB of SDCard

Goto :

Settings->Services->Control->Enable: Control Kodi by HTTP

The following steps of creating a shortcut, based on the following link:


  1. Download Guilouz repository.
  2. Download Marcelveldt repository.
  3. Move them to Kodi.
    1. LibreElec:
      1. LibreElec by SSH. Place them anywhere, for example directory tmp.
      2. Download FileZilla.
      3. Connect to LibreElec
        1. Locate the IP of the LibreElec.
        2. Username: root
        3. Password: libreelec
      4. Move files to there.
    2. Android or any other type of Kodi
      1. Place files on SD card and put the SD Card into the Device.
  4. Follow steps here.
  1. A great all-in-one Media center.
  2. Password for Adult brick is: Kodisupportil.
  3. Website of Abeksis: http://abeksis.com/

A website with a lot of infor about Kodi and videos