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Step by step how to install python, clarify and run a demo code

  1. Download & Install Python - Just download and install 2.X
  2. Windows
    • Add to system path:
      • c:\python27\
      • c:\python27\scripts\
  3. Run example code of Python
    • print "Hello World"
  4. Open command prompt and run the following:
    • pip install clarifai==2.0.28
  5. Install guide for clarifai
  6. After a successful install without error messages, do the following:
    1. change directory to c:\python27\scripts
    2. At command prompt run the following: python clarifai config
  7. Provide clarifai_app_id and clarifai app_secret as follows:
    • Under your clarifai account use or create new app. Find HIDE LEGACY AUTHORIZATION
    • The app ID and Secret will be there.
  8. Login to your clarifai account
  9. Select PREDICT from the following page:
  10. Copy and paste the following to a python file:
from clarifai.rest import ClarifaiApp

app = ClarifaiApp("{client_id}", "{client_secret}")

# get the general model
model = app.models.get("general-v1.3")

# predict with the model
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