Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin and other related terms

General Info
Hardware - Miners
Configure pools

Antpool configuration:

  • stratum+tcp://stratum.antpool.com:3333
  • gmagen.aps301
  • 123456

Slush configuration:

  • stratum+tcp://stratum.slushpool.com:3333
  • gmagen.antminers301
  • 123456
Malfunctions Log


  • One of the miners hash rate dropped after applying new pool configuration, moved from slush pool to ant pool.
  • Upon login to miner, it asked many times popup of username and password.
  • How is solved:
    • Restarting the router and the network switch that is was connected to.
Cloud Mining
  • Hashnest
    • Requires bitmain account.
    • Has a "stock-market" for buying and selling mining power.
    • Each single giga-hash (btc) cost is high.
    • Withdrawal fee 0.0002 btc (2017.12.16)
  • Asonno
    • Simgple User-interface.
    • Better cost per each Giga-hash (btc)
Wallets-Credit card-Exchangers
  • Bittrex
    • Multiple wallets for a lot of coins type.
    • Withdrawal fees are high.
    • No exchange with credit card.
  • Cex.io
    • Verification process complicated.
    • Support respond after two weeks.
    • Exchange with credit card available.
    • High fees.
  • Coinmama
    • A supplier of Bits of Gold""
    • Affected by load, due to that a very long registration process.
  • Bit2c
    • Simple registration process.
    • Need to wait at least 3 weeks to approve your bank account.
    • I haven't started any practicing with it yet.
  • Bitcoin wallet (android app)
    • Still need to examine the fees
Investments and Trading
  • optiment
    • No experience yet.
    • They promise 2% weekly profit.