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Boost Your Productivity with a Bookmarks Bar: AI Apps, Summaries, and More


Bookmarks bar


Academic / books / reading

RikiGPT – RikiGPT
Jenni AI
Summarist.ai – Free AI-Powered Book Summaries | Discover, Learn & Grow
Consensus – Evidence-Based Answers, Faster

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Uizard ai ui



Text to Speech & AI Voice Generator
Voice Pricing


AI Music Generator – SOUNDRAW


Claude – needs vpn
Playground – OpenAI API
thenewboston – YouTube
Genie – #1 AI Chatbot – ChatGPT App
ChatGPT for Search Engines




REimagine Home: AI-powered Interior Design Ideas


h2oai/h2ogpt: Private Q&A and summarization of documents+images or chat with local GPT, 100% private, Apache 2.0. Supports LLaMa2, llama.cpp, and more. Demo: https://gpt.h2o.ai/ https://codellama.h2o.ai/
nomic-ai/gpt4all: gpt4all: open-source LLM chatbots that you can run anywhere
ChatGPT and GPT-4 Open Source Alternatives that are Balancing the Scales | DataCamp
LM Studio – Discover, download, and run local LLMs


Magic Studio – Powered by AI, Created by You
Helping people become more creative.
AI Image Generation | Leonardo.Ai
Home | Leonardo.Ai
Adobe Firefly


Machine Learning  |  Google for Developers
לינקים לאינסטגרם – דנה ישראלי
Data Science: Machine Learning | Harvard University
StatQuest with Josh Starmer – YouTube

Library / AI Tools

Supertools | Best AI Tools Guide
digitalSamaritan | Home
Futurepedia – The Largest AI Tools & Software Directory
Future Tools – Find The Exact AI Tool For Your Needs


Brandmark Logo Maker – the most advanced AI logo design tool
Logo Design & Brand Identity for Entrepreneurs | Looka


Gamma App: Generate AI Presentations, Webpages & Docs


Timely – AI-Powered Time Tracking Software
Free AI Writing, PDF, Image, and other Online Tools – TinyWow


Phind – AI Search Engine and Pair Programmer


Copilot2trip: Your Free AI-Powered Personal Travel Assistant


HeyGen – AI Spokesperson Video Creator
Vidnoz AI – Avatars
Vidyo.ai – Make short videos out of long video
Runaway – Generate AI videos
Fliki – Turn text into videos with AI voices
InVideo – Text generated videos
Studio Pricing – D-ID


Durable AI Website Builder and Small Business Software
Gamma App – תומך עברית
Framer: Pricing


Boost Your Productivity with a Bookmarks Bar: AI Apps, Summaries, and More

A well-organized bookmarks bar can be a game-changer for your productivity. By having quick access to essential tools and resources, you can streamline your workflow and save valuable time. Here’s how you can enhance your productivity using a bookmarks bar filled with AI apps, summaries, and other useful links.

AI Applications

Artificial intelligence tools can significantly enhance your efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, providing insights, and offering creative solutions. Here are some must-have AI applications for your bookmarks bar:

  • Grammarly: Improve your writing with real-time grammar and style checks. Grammarly

  • Jasper: Generate engaging content with the help of AI. Jasper

  • Otter.ai: Transcribe meetings and interviews accurately. Otter.ai

  • Trello: Organize tasks and projects with AI-enhanced boards. Trello

  • Zapier: Automate workflows by connecting different apps. Zapier

Summaries and Research Tools

Keeping up with the latest information can be overwhelming. Summarization tools and research assistants can help you stay informed without spending hours reading.

  • Blinkist: Get key insights from nonfiction books in just 15 minutes. Blinkist

  • SummarizeBot: Extract essential information from articles, documents, and more. SummarizeBot

  • Scribd: Access a vast library of books, audiobooks, and articles. Scribd

  • Feedly: Stay updated with a personalized news feed. Feedly

  • Pocket: Save articles and videos to view later. Pocket

Productivity Enhancers

Aside from AI tools and summaries, there are numerous other resources that can boost your productivity. Here are some essentials:

  • Google Keep: Create and organize notes, lists, and reminders. Google Keep

  • Evernote: Capture ideas and manage tasks efficiently. Evernote

  • RescueTime: Monitor your time and improve focus. RescueTime

  • Toggl: Track time spent on different projects and tasks. Toggl

  • Notion: All-in-one workspace for notes, tasks, databases, and more. Notion


Boosting your productivity is all about having the right tools at your fingertips. By curating a bookmarks bar with AI apps, summarization tools, and productivity enhancers, you can streamline your workflow and make the most of your time. Start organizing your bookmarks bar today and experience a significant improvement in your daily productivity.