• 2021.01.10 Can’t login with Facebook to Desktop windows application.
    • Solution: download from HERE and install.
    • Doesn’t works:
    • Works:
  • 2019.02.28
    • Can’t login to android app or windows desktop app with Facebook.
    • How to solve:
      • Create YI account.
      • Login to App by YI account.
      • Reset the camera by long press on reset.
      • At the app of android, add the appropriate camera.
      • Follow the steps of the android app.


  • CCTV, IP Camera, Security camera
  • IP-Camera, IP-Cam, Yi home
  • IP Cam, YI Camera, Xiaomi


This IP camera features a mini size and it is portable, so you can install it at anywhere. After connect the camera with your “Mi Home” App, you can freely use it.
Please download APP “Mi Home” from AppleStore or Google Play.
After download the “Mi Home” App, you need to set the usage area for Mainland China. Please do not choose other areas.

A link to Gearbest for buying this cam.

Youtube Videos of how to config and more: