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Category: Sales

  • Import and sale from China

    Comparison of Chinese Online Marketplaces Marketplace Description Grade (0-100) Link Alibaba A leading global wholesale marketplace for business-to-business transactions. 95 Visit Alibaba Taobao A popular online shopping platform in China, offering a wide range of products. 90 Visit Taobao Pinduoduo Known for its value-for-money offerings and group buying options. 85 Visit Pinduoduo 1688.com A wholesale…

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  • Sales – שיחת מכירה – מושגים אלטרנטיביים

    Terms – מושגים To pay->To invest לשלם->להשקיע Cheap->Fair price or Reasonable price זול->מחיר סביר Expensive-> Not small amount of money Exclusive / Premium product / Service יקר->לא מעט כסף Linx A tiktok video that expains this

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