Windows 10
  • Run gpedit.msc
  • Navigate to:
    • Computer Configuration
      • Administrative Templates
        • Windows Components
          • Windows Update.
  • Locate the “Configure Automatic Updates” setting in the right pane and double-click it. Set it to “Enabled,” and then select your preferred setting. For example, you can choose “Auto download and notify for install” or “Notify for download and notify for install.” Save the change.

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  • Update
  • Windows update
  • Updates
  • Schedule updates
  • Disable update
  • Automatic update
  • Auto-Update
  • Autoupdate
  • Auto update

Update windows 10

  • At the THIS link will find tools to update windows 10:
    • Windows 10 November 2019 Update
    • Create Windows 10 installation media

Why upgrading to windows 10

  1. It has new Browser EDGE.
  2. It has Action Center:
  3. It has connectivity to XBox Applications and to XBox:
  4. It has better command prompt, you can paste by Ctrl-V, you can change the size of the command prompt, you can use power shell instead of command prompt:
  5. It’s free for windows 8, 8.1 and 7 users:
  6. It has new cool interface + the start button is back:
  7. It has voice assistant – Cortana.
  8. It has new tasks display:
  9. It has the ability to manage multiple desktops.
  10. It has Snap Assist to 4 edges of the screen: