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Touch Typing – Avoid lowering your eyes

(One page – Executive summary)

Pre-seed / 3 Employees / Consumer Electronics industry / High expertise / Market size $5 billions / Patent high potential

The aim to to develop a product that simulates the user hands over the keyboard and shows that on the screen in real time. There is a big change here to cooperate with the computer industry manufacturers in addition to market this product by the company itself. For this purpose prototypes of General 1 & 2 need to be developed while Generation 3 will be a commercial product.



  • Solve ergonomic problem of lowering eye toward keyboard.
  • Make the human-Machine interface fluent. 


  • Display on screen the hands sensed by the keyboard.
  • Develop a keyboard that each key has sensing element.
  • Simulate hands on screen.


  • The market is divided into two main parts:
    • End users, consumers, bloggers, programmers, general usage.
    • Computer industry manufacturers.
  • Markey size
    • By 2026 5$B for keyboards only.
    • by 2025 350 million units of Laptop and desktop.


  • Keyboards manufacturers.
  • Computer (laptop & desktop) manufacturers.

Competitive Advantage

  • The big companies (Microsoft, Logitech etc) has comfortable keyboards that might solve RSI  (Repetitive strain injury) pains.
  • They DON’T have a solution to solve the neck pain.
  • Current solutions are: accessories on fingers / hands, touchscreen keyboards, not convenient solutions.
  • KeyView of Dov Moran’s project closed. It was a keyboard with screen along the keyboard.

Business Model

  • Prototype generation 2 alpha/Beta testers.
    • Preliminary Patent
  • Commercial generation 3
    • Cooperate with Manufacturers
    • Patent royalties

Founder & Advisors

Dr. Gabriel Magen
Norbert Adear
Haim Magen
Rafi Tuito
Business and Architecture
Business & Marketing
Hardware Expert

Marketing Plan

  • Self marketing by marketing channels.
  • Marketing by Computer industry manufacturers to integrate the solution at their systems.

Funding & Finance

  • Israeli Tnufa programs for prototype POC.
  • Self invert to raise a company toward generation 2 prototype.
  • Raise funds from Angels to go commercial low scale. 

Milestones & Future plans

  1. Prototype POC.
  2. Prototype Gen2 100 pcs.
  3. Register patent(s).
  4. Become commercial.
  5. Pilot run with 1 manufacturer.
  6. Contracts with more manufacturers.