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Repair and fix AVI files with DivFix++. This is a free tool to repair and fix broken AVI files and it is said to be a complete rewrite of DivFix.


If you frequently free download videos from video sharing platforms like Youtube, Megavideo and the likes and from P2P networks, you might have experienced improper downloads, often requiring repairs to the downloaded video files. Though you can download Youtube videos as MP4HD Videos and in other file formats, AVI is a more popular and basic video format in which downloads are usually made. If you happen to download videos as AVI files and they experience some corruption, DivFix++ will let you repair and fix the AVI files. You can even preview the partially downloaded AVI video file. This is extremely useful to ensure that you are downloading the appropriate file.

How to repair and fix AVI video files?

DivFix++ has an easy to use graphical interface. To repair and fix AVI video files,

Simply drag and drop the broken or partially downloaded AVI files into “Source or Input File List window”

Specify the output path for the fixed AVI files

Click “Rebuild index” to fix AVI files

That is all.You are done fixing broken AVI files! Clicking Check Errors scans AVI files for any error and reports it on the log window and clicking Strip Index removes the index part from AVI files, so that they become unsearchable by many AVI players.

For those who are too geeky, there is even a command line interface to repair and fix AVI files.

Download DivFix++. While windows users can download pre-compiled i386 binary, Mac OSX users can download the pre-compiled static Universal binary.

DivFix++ works on windows, Mac and Linux. Do share your experiences in repairing and fixing AVI files with DivFix++.