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Install Sharepoint from A to Z

The following guide is referring to the following system configuration:

a. Windows Server 2012 datacenter.

b. MS SQL server 2014 enterprise.

c. Sharepoint 2010 enterprise.

Let’s Start:

1. Setup and install Windows 2012 server Datacenter.

2. Install AD (Active Directory)  by adding a role to server. No special feature is needed except NN (click on next then next then next…).

3. At the final screen of AD setup the following screen will appear, click on:

“Promote this server to a domain controller”


4. At this step click on the following, at ‘Root domain name’ a domain name like:

srv01.com or winserver.com


5. At the following screen enter a password then click on next:


6. From this point on follow NN method (click on Next then next then next… till AD finishes to install).

7. Install .Net Framework 3.5 by adding Feature (Role and feature).

8. Under Server Manager goto Tools then select Active Directory Users and Computers.

9. Under the domain from step 4 create Organizational Unit and name is as you want.

10. Under the Organizational Unit at step 9 create 3 users at add them to administrators group.

Add the following 4 users (password never expires, user can’t change password):

a. spAdmin

b. sqlSvcAcc

c. spFarmAcc

d. spAppPoolAcc

11. Install SQL Server 2014:

a. Under Feature Select, select Database engine and Management tools.

b. Under Service Account at Sql Server Agent and Database engine add the user sqlSvcAcc with domain.

c. Under Server Configuration add spAdmin user.

d. User NN method (next next) to finish SQL server install.

e. Open SQL server management studio and under security locate spAdmin user.

f. Make sure spAdmin user under server roles, make sure the following roles are maked:

DBCreator, Public, SecurityAdmin, SysAdmin.

12. At windows server 2012 add the following roles:

a. Application Server.

Under Role services add:

TCP Port Sharing

Web Server (IIS) support

Windows service activation service support.

HTTP Activation

Name pips activation

TCP Activation

b. Web server IIS

Under Role services add:

Health and Diagnostics


Application Development

.Net extensiblty 3.5

Asp.Net 3.5

Management tools

IIS 6 Metabase Compatability

IIS 6 Scripting tool

IIS 6 WMI Compatibility

13. Add users from paragraph 10 as local adminitrators (currently they are administrators at the domain).

14. Logout and Logini again as spAdmin.

15. Run Sharepoint PrerequisiteInstaller.exe by the following way:

Extract Sharepoint at local directory of computer and not from CD of mounted image.

User NN method to setup PrerequisiteInstaller.exe of sharepoint.

16. Run setup.exe of sharepoint.

17. Run Wizard after finishing setup.

18. Once Wizard finishes then Central Administration page at Web browser will appear.