Build Android App with PhoneGap

Build Android App with PhoneGap

01 – Install JDK

02 – Install Android Studio

03 – Install Node.JS

04 – Install PhoneGap

Open command prompt and write there:

C:> npm install -g phonegap

05 – Install Cordova

 C:>npm install -g cordova

06 – Create new phonegap project :

Open command prompt and write there:

phonegap create [Path]+[Package Name]+Project name

For example:
phonegap create c:androidphonegap_test com.phonegap.test001 phonegaptest001

07 – Enter to directory of created project:

If you created a project at c:androidphonegap_test then change directory to there by command prompt:
cd androidphonegap_test

08 – Run command prompt again:

At command prompt write:
c:> phonegap platform add android

This will install phonegap android at local directory of our example: c:androidphonegap_test

09 Import project to Android Studio:

Select "import Non-Android Studio project"
Click Point to project directory and click on Next->Next...

10 – Place you HTML/Javascript code under Assetswww folder.

11 – That’s it