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Ranking Functions

This article refers to AdventureWorks2014 of Microsoft.

You can download AdventureWorks2014 DB here.

At the following picture there are 4 ranking functions at MS SQL:

1. Row_number – Numbering each row.

2. Rank – According to example below when postal code change then the function displays the value of row_number at that position.

3. Dense_Rank – According to example below when postal code change then the function increases.

4. NTile – Divide the results into groups, the example shows division to 4 groups.

Ranking Ranking Functions
Ranking Functions

You can copy and paste the following text into you MS SQL management studio if order to test it:

SELECT     p.firstname,
 p.lastname ,
 Row_number() OVER (ORDER BY a.postalcode) AS “row number” ,
 rank() OVER (ORDER BY a.postalcode)       AS rank ,
 dense_rank() OVER (ORDER BY a.postalcode) AS “dense rank” ,
 ntile(4) OVER (ORDER BY a.postalcode)     AS quartile ,
 s.salesytd ,
 FROM       sales.salesperson AS s
 INNER JOIN person.person     AS p
 ON         s.businessentityid = p.businessentityid
 INNER JOIN person.address AS a
 ON         a.addressid = p.businessentityid
 WHERE      territoryid IS NOT NULL
 AND        salesytd <> 0;
Ranking Functions
Ranking Functions