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Traveling to Honk Kong / China

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General Info about China

  1. Google, Dropbox, Google Maps, Flickr and many other services are restricted and there is no access.
  2. Can not buy an internet sim cause there is a WCDMA network and not GSM.
  3. No english speakers except few people at the Hotel.
  4. Dongguan city is very not developed, no malls, no shopping centers.
  5. Credit cards of Mastercard and Visa are not accepted at the few stores that there are.
  6. ATM worked once, I pulled 1000 RMB, after that there was a malfunction and I couldn’t pull any money.


  1. Convert money is advance. For a week at least 2000 RMB, then you can convert it at Honk kong airport.
  2. Use Google Translator offline languages.
  3. Use Micrsoft translator offline languages.
  4. Install Onedrive of Microsoft and scan there all traveling documents (ticket, checkin page, passport, hotel reservation, contacts list, health insurance).
  5. Install Bing app for convinient search, cause google doesn’t works there.
  6. Install HiApp (Hauwawii app store).
  7. For a PC you can use a laptop with wifi and add to Firefox addon of VPN.

Trip Diary

14/Jan/2017 16:50 – Starting the trip from Beer sheva – Israel to Tel aviv airport.

14/Jan/2017 21:05 – Turkish Airlines – Flight to Turkey, an airplan with personal enterteiment and a meal. Flight duration about 3 hours.

15/Jan/2017 02:00 – Turkish Airlines – Flight from turkey to Honk Kong, an airplan with personal enterteiment and two meals. Flight duration about 10 hours.

15/Jan/2017 17:20 – Arrival to Honk Kong.

15/Jan/2017 18:00 – Shuttle to China Mainland, a passage throught Honk Kong and China border controls.

15/Jan/2017 21:45 – Arrival to Hotel, Welton International Hotel at Guangdong province, Dongguan city.

16/Jan/2017 till 19/Jan/2017 – Business matters.

19/Jan/2017 13:00 Shuttle from Hotel to Honk kong airport, the shuttle driver will pass you to another shuttle to pass again China and Hong kong borders.

19/Jan/2017 23:05 – Flight to Turkey Istanbul.