• 2021.07.21 Arrival to Austria Center Vienna
    • Register and do the test of Corona there.
    • After less than 24h received sms with Pin code and pdf of result to download.
    • Case of Not receiving answer within 24h than Go back to Austria Center Vienna and ask them to print the result.

All other

3 solutions for buying a sim card at Israel and traveling with it


  • eSim = Embeded sim, a component built into the phone.
  • In case of eSim not built into the phone then buy physical eSim
  • Service / Configuration provider
  • Knowroaming.com
    • eSIM for Instant Connectivity


  • סים גלובאלי
  • סים פלאפון
  • חול
  • סים חול
  • סים לחו”ל
  • כרטיס סים בינלאומי
  • Global Sim


  • 2020-03-02 Arrival
    • Hotel 
    • Transportation
  • 2020-03-06 Departure


Future visits





  • ELAL



Lodging - Hotels

Tax Refund

  • Info from Lametayel
  • Tax refund from 300 Zloti and above
    1. 272 ILS
    2. 78.7 USD
    3. 71 Euro
  • Make sure:
    1. Ask for Tax Refund form when buying goods.
    2. Name on Tax refund for is exactly as the name at the passport.
    3. Price at the tax refund for is exactly at the invoice.
    4. Pack all goods at single Suitcase and show ti with original tickets to Customs.


Treks that we completed


  • Trek, Trekkng
  • Hiking, טיול שטח
  • טיולי שטח, אלון גליל
  • מושב יגור, ים אל ים
  • באר אורה, שביל הגולן
  • המשאית של אורי


  • 2019-12-11
    • Shppping
      • Primark at Alexander platz
      • Anne Frank center
      • Nature Museum
  • 2019-12-12
    • Museum
      • Science
      • Cars
      • Network
      • Technical
    • Xmax Botanical Gardens 
    • Sony Center
      • Dinner at Alex
  • 2019-12-13
    • Return to Israel




  • Internet Sim Cards


Tax Refund

  1. Read LINK1 / LINK2 for more info
  2. From 25 Euro and above.
    • Services and tickets doesn’t included.
    • Products included
  3. What is the process?
    1. Upon purchase ask for task refund with receipt.
    2. Fill your details at the tax refund form at the receipt.
    3. Locate tax refund office.
      • For example:
        • At Alexanderplatz at Galeria mall at the 5th floor there is an office of Global Blue tax refund
        • Make sure your receipt tax refund is Global blue.
    4. At the Airport Locate the Tax refund office.
      • For Example At airport Tagel, the Tax refund is at terminal B.
    5. Tax officer to sign Tax refund papers.
    6. Put the signed documents to the appropriate box.
      • Case Tax refund of global blue, put papers into Global Blue box.


Cheap Flighs

Internet Sim cards

  • Bedapest
    • Find T mobile
    • Get 1 GB for 8 USD
  • Bucharest
    • Vodafone
    • Get 6 GB for 8 USD
  • Rome
    • Find I Wind
    • Get 1 GB for 8 USD
  • Berlin
    • 1.5 GB for 10 Euro
    • At “Mall of Berlin”, 3rd floor
  1. נקודות עיניין
  2. מידע כללי מאתר למטייל
  3. מקומות לראות – ynet
  4. מסעדות מומלצות
  5. קניית כרטיס סים
  6. שינוע והסעות:
    • בכול נקודה בעיר מרימים יד ויעצור לידכם רכב הסעות.
    • מחירים: מ 5 עד 15 לארי, תלוי במרחק.
  7. ביטוח נסיעות חו”ל


  • General info
  • Prices
  • Driving licence (Go Paphos)
    • No international driving licences is needed.
  • Car rental 
    • Thrifty Car Rental – 143 usd
    • Car damaged and I paid 150 euro.
    • Insurance refunded.
  • Restaurants / Pubs we visited
    • The new horizon
    • Muze
    • Kukia village – Tavern Gabriel
    • Marakesh
  • Places visited (google maps list)
    • Paphos broad-walk
    • Troodos mountains
    • Laonardo Laura Water park
    • Paphos archaeological park
    • Adonis Baths 
    • Latchi Harbur
      • Cruise to Blue Lagoon
      • 15 euro per person
    • Beautiful blue beach – Coral Bay 
  • This post will centralize navigation apps / sites / software 
NameSuitable forPlatformNotes
WazeOn RoadsAndroid
Google mapsOff Road / On RoadAndroid
WikiLocOff Road / On RoadWebsite

Israel Hiking MapOff RoadWebsite

Great for track planning.
Open Street MapOff RoadWebsite

Same as Israel hiking map but for WW
Google Earth proOff RoadDesktop

Create a video with flight simulation, see the Moon, Mars and underwater places.
Soviet Military MapsOff RoadAndroidCompass, speed, elevation and maps

Editors’ ChoiceEditors’ Choice
Off RoadAndroidTrail Maps for Hiking, Biking, Skiing
Gaia GPSOff RoadAndroidHiking, Hunting Maps
Windy Maps
Mapy cz
Lucos map


  • Places visited (Google maps list)
  • 2018.12.09
  • 2018.12.10
    • Foot tour to most of the piazzas around Rome.
      • כיכר ונציה
      • פיאצה נבונה
      • פנתאון
      • המדרגות הספרדיות
      • טירמיסו בקפה גרקו ליד המדרגות הספרדיות
      • מזרקת טרווי
      • פיאצה דל פופולו
    • Dinner at Local great pub: La Base
  • 2018.12.11
  • 2018.12.12
    • Metro to Vatikan (1.5 euro per person) 
    • Visit to Vatikan museum
    • Travel to Campo de furi
    • Shopping at Decathlon and Happio mall.
    • Great Ice cream at Venchi
  • 2018.12.13
  • 2018.12.14
    • Return Home


Information to download

Cellular We4g 11.5 euro – Very slow

  • Buy only a local sim.
  • I Wind sim had 30GB of usage.
  • From / to Airport
    • Shuttle from Airport to Hotel and back
  • At Rome
    • Public Transportation
    • Bus – Metro 1.5 euro per person per direction.
      • From / to Vatikan.
      • From / to shopping.
        • Decathlon
        • Auchan


Very nice, quite and relaxed place. Everything there is pretty clean, there is a tax-free shops near the border inside the Egyptian side.

Prices are low relating Israel Eilat’s hotels.  2 Rooms with Taxes cost us about 298 usb or 1070 Ils.


  • Arabic
  • English
  • Sometimes hebrew


Check the timezone cause there are 1 hour before Israel.



  • Arriving to the passing border and finding a car parking at the Israeli side.
  • Walking to Taba hotel & Nelson village (call Hilton Taba at the past).
  • There are the Nelson rooms which are close to the beach that costs about $30 per room more then the regular room
  • Eating lunch at Marhaba restaurant.
  • Resting at the beach.
  • Very good dinner at the Hotel.



  • Egyptian Lira
  • Us Dollars
    • At most of the places Dollars accepted.
  • Master card / Visa  credit cards
  • Israeli Shekels
    • 1 Israeli Shekel is about 4.9 Egyptian Lira.

Tips & Tricks

  • Hotel booking, need to be done at least week before, without a printed hotel booking a tax will have to be paid to the Israeli borders control.
  • After passing the Israeli border control, at the Egyptian border control, you need to fill entry form, fill it by yourself cause there are people that wants to fill it for you for money, while you can fill it yourself.
  • When you enter Egypt, after filling the arrival form, take with you also the departure form and fill it at the hotel.
  • Fill the Border pass by pen and not pencil.
  • Speakers is not allowed to enter the hotel so the hotel security will scan you baggage and take the speakers.
  • Upon currency conversion pay attention to conversion rate. 1 Israeli shekel it about 4.9 Egyptian Lira.
  • Do not convert currency at Eilat, the rates there are very high.
  • Do not leave your passport at the Casino or at the Hotel, take it with you all time or lock it at the safe.
  • At the hotel do not loose your towel cards cause ti will cost you 10 USD.
  • Pass the border with Car
    • If you pass the borders with a Car, the procedure case you go only to the near hotels, is simple.
    • 4×4 or other commercial car, can not pass.
    • The car owner only suppose to be at the car.

  • Keywords
    • GIS, Beer sheva, Maps, מפות, באר שבע, נתן רוטנשטרייך, Google maps, Google street view ,Amud anan ,עמוד ענן
    • Travel, Travelling
    • Weather API
    • Weather forecast Satellite
    • מזג אויר מזג אוויר תחזית לווין לווינים

Maps testings with API


Diary 1

Day 1 – 2017-11-26

  • Arrival
  • Check in to Vogue Boutique Residence – 1476 ILS
  • Walk through Lipskny Street.
  • Buy two sim cards at Vodafone
    • 33 Lei for 4GB.
  • KFC
  • Order table for tomorrow at Caru cu bere resturant
  • Origo Caffe

Day 2 – 2017-11-27

  • Piata Rovolutiei – Revolution square
  • Palace of Parliment
  • Gardina Cismigiu
  • Romanian Athenaeum
  • Calea Victoriei
  • Caru cu bere resturant

Day 3 – 2017-11-28

  • Shopping at Decathlon, it is about 9 km from our residence, so take a taxi to decathlon.
  • Travel to AFI park mall by Electric train.
  • Excalibur (link1link2) Knight restaurant.
  • Casino at Sheraton
    • There is gfree entrance to the casino and Black jack machines. 
    • Roulette and Poker table cost 50 Lei per person

Day 4 – 2017-11-29

  • Trip to Sinaya, there we visit a castle. 2 hours to there.
  • From Sinaya to Bran, there we visited another castle and there was also a local market with authentic goods.
  • From Bran to Brashov, we saw there the sinagoge and eat there at a restaurant. soup Chorba. 3 hours to our residence, Bucharest.
  • Dinner at some local Caffe.

Day 5 – 2017-11-30

  • All day at Therme. A water park for all family. There are pools of how water, you can go there even at the Winter.
    • Free Shuttle to Bucharest.
  • Grand Cafe Van Gogh

Diary 2

Day 1 – 2019-02-20

  • Arrival
  • Check in to Redison Blu – 1490 ILS
  • Buy sim card at Vodafone
    • 29 Lei for 60GB and 200 min talk.
  • Afi mall
  • Dinner at Joseph restaurant

Day 2 – 2019-02-21

Day 3 – 2019-02-22


  • 1040 ILS – Flighs: WizzAir with 1 baggage 20kg and two trolleys 10kg 
  • 1476 ILS – Lodging: Vogue Boutique Residence breakfast included.
  • 240 ILS Parking car for 6 days: Israel Ben guryon airport.
  • Sim Cards
    • Vodafone 33 Lei for 4GB sim cards, pre-paid.
    • 019 from Israel doesn’t works Bucharest.
    • Golan Telecom doesn’t works at Bucharest.
  • Taxi’s at Bucharest, must download Clever Taxi or Star Taxi and order taxi’s from there otherwise it will be much expensive.
    • The prices varies from 1.39 lei per KM to 2 Lei.
    • Sometimes the driver demands more money above taxi counter.
    • Note: For clever taxi, the app verifies user with Romanian Mobile number.
  • Bus: very cheap, must use Google Maps.
    • It is about 

Tips and Tricks

  • Taxi – use Clever taxi app.
  • Tax refund
    • Above 175 euro at single receipt at single place and single buy at Tax free store / shop, you can ask the shop for tax refund form.
    • At the airport, near the customs, there is a tax free station, you can get 30% of the VAT paid.
  • Pre paid sim
    • For Bucharest, buy only sim from Bucharest.
    • Do not buy 019 from Israel.
    • Golan Telecom also will not work.

App that I used

Must Apps

  • Google maps
  • Clever Taxi
  • Google Translate
  • Easy currency converter


  • Trip Advisor
  • Izi Travel
  • Flight board
  • Seat Guru
  • Wizz Air
  • Dualingo
  • Waze

Places on Google maps


2. ביגוד שוקולדים קניות, לבוא עם מינימום בגדים במזוודה. אולי סט רק ליום אחד.
בקניון afi controceni אפשר למצוא חניות ביגוד
c&a תחתונים גרביים
ועוד המון מותגים.
כמו כן יש ב afi גם auchen סופר מרקט לשתייה חריפה קבנוס שוקולדים מאפים ביגוד אלקטרוניקה וכו.
3. בתשלום לנהג מונית יש לשים לב עפ המונה לשלם לו.
4. למצוא מקום לינה באיזור של שדרות ויקטוריה.
5. צקאין חזור לא הצלחתי לעשות באתר אלה רק באפליקציה של וויזאייר. כך שיש להתקין אפליקציית וויזאייר.
6. מסכדות מומלצות וואקמו
מסעדת שף joseph
7. נהג מונית מומלץ – לוקח עמלות גבוהות
וירגיל virgeil
דובר אנגלית שוטפת.
לא ניתן היה לעשות צקאין דרך האתר של וויזאייר אלה רק דרך האפליקצייה של וויזאייר לטיסה חזור לישראל


019, sim, prepaid sim, pre paid sim, bucharest, golan telecom, afi park, auchen super markey, caru cu bere, excalibur, sinaya, brashov, bran, clever taxi

General Info about China

  1. Google, Dropbox, Google Maps, Flickr and many other services are restricted and there is no access.
  2. Can not buy an internet sim cause there is a WCDMA network and not GSM.
  3. No english speakers except few people at the Hotel.
  4. Dongguan city is very not developed, no malls, no shopping centers.
  5. Credit cards of Mastercard and Visa are not accepted at the few stores that there are.
  6. ATM worked once, I pulled 1000 RMB, after that there was a malfunction and I couldn’t pull any money.


  1. Convert money is advance. For a week at least 2000 RMB, then you can convert it at Honk kong airport.
  2. Use Google Translator offline languages.
  3. Use Micrsoft translator offline languages.
  4. Install Onedrive of Microsoft and scan there all traveling documents (ticket, checkin page, passport, hotel reservation, contacts list, health insurance).
  5. Install Bing app for convinient search, cause google doesn’t works there.
  6. Install HiApp (Hauwawii app store).
  7. For a PC you can use a laptop with wifi and add to Firefox addon of VPN.

Trip Diary

14/Jan/2017 16:50 – Starting the trip from Beer sheva – Israel to Tel aviv airport.

14/Jan/2017 21:05 – Turkish Airlines – Flight to Turkey, an airplan with personal enterteiment and a meal. Flight duration about 3 hours.

15/Jan/2017 02:00 – Turkish Airlines – Flight from turkey to Honk Kong, an airplan with personal enterteiment and two meals. Flight duration about 10 hours.

15/Jan/2017 17:20 – Arrival to Honk Kong.

15/Jan/2017 18:00 – Shuttle to China Mainland, a passage throught Honk Kong and China border controls.

15/Jan/2017 21:45 – Arrival to Hotel, Welton International Hotel at Guangdong province, Dongguan city.

16/Jan/2017 till 19/Jan/2017 – Business matters.

19/Jan/2017 13:00 Shuttle from Hotel to Honk kong airport, the shuttle driver will pass you to another shuttle to pass again China and Hong kong borders.

19/Jan/2017 23:05 – Flight to Turkey Istanbul.


Visit from 29/Dec/2016 to 05/Jan/2017


Flight ordered by SkyScanner


Ordered by Booking at Last minute budapest. A great aprtment 85 sq-m.

Places Visited

29/Dec/2016 – Arrival


  1. Westend mall
  2. Circus – Youtube playlist
  3. Sir Lenslot Restaurant

31/Dec/2016 – Grand center market / Xmas market Vaci utca / Xmax market Basilika

01/Jan/2017 – Buda – Labirentus


  1. Decatlon
  2. Westend
  3. Sugar – Chocolate store
  4. Bridge of chains
  5. Cafe new york

03/Jan/2017 – Terror Museum / Vaci utca shopping at H&M / Menza Coffe

04/Jan/2017 – Arena plaza / Starbuck coffe

05/Jan/2017 – Departure

Videos from Budapest

Vouchers Brochures from Budapest

Find here the cheapest solution for traveling insurance.



here is the link

Good price polisa. Very cheap.

Here is the link


  • ביטוח נסיעות, ביטוח נסיעות לחו”ל
  • ביטוח נסיעות חו”ל, ביטוח חול
  • ביטוח לחו”ל , ביטוח לחול
  • ביטוח רפואי חול
  • ביטוח רפואי לחו”ל


Arrival at: 2016-07-21 to Hotel – Moskva Till: 2016-07-27.

General Tips

  1. Buy Internet and local calls sim at Airport. Try other company then Tele2.
  2. No need to convert currencies to rubles, you can use ATM at saint peters-burg.

Apps needed (can be downloaded by google play)

  1. Izi.travel – Audio and GPS guide tour.
  2. Google translate – Translating languages.
  3. Google maps – Navigate to POI (point of interest) by foot, metro, bus.
  4. Easy Currency converter
  5. Metro of saint

Saint Petersburg Metro

Georgian Chacha Resturant

Cafe pekarniya sant petersburg

Top 10 Most cheap and expensive destinations

Calculations per 100 km Calcalist

Cheapest – הזולות ביותר

10. שבדיה – 8.06 דולר

9. פיליפינים – 7.76 דולר

8. אלג’יר – 7.67 דולר

7. דרום אפריקה – 7.33 דולר

6. אזרבייג’אן – 6.93 דולר

5. אינדונזיה – 6.84 דולר

4. פורטוגל – 6.71 דולר

3. רוסיה – 5.88 דולר

2. מלזיה – 3.78 דולר

1. הודו – 3.25 דולר

Most expensive

10. שוויץ – 36.84 דולר

9. אוסטריה – 36.91 דולר

8. דנמרק – 37.86 דולר

7. בלגיה – 38.07 דולר

6. קנדה – 38.71 דולר

5. יפן – 41.48 דולר

4. הולנד – 42.35 דולר

3. קטאר – 50.37 דולר

2. פינלנד – 50.98 דולר

1. איחוד האמירויות – 105.71