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  • Ski

    Bulgaria Ski resort Borovets Georgia Gudauri-Ski

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  • 2021.07.15 Austria

    2021.07.15 Austria

    Lodging 2021.0.15 Arrival to Vienna Car from rental – AVIS  Drive to arte Hotel Krems and stay the night there 2021.07.16 Arrival to Fachu Stay at Hotel Pongauerhof till 2021.07.21 2021.07.21 return to Vienna and stay at hotel Schani Wien Media Google photos main album youtube video Kaprun Ori’s Album  Corona 2021.07.21 Arrival to Austria…

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  • eSim / SIM cards when travelling abroad

    3 solutions for buying a sim card at Israel and traveling with it Global SIM pelephone Login to your account Buy internet browsing package Service letter How much left / Status of sim card Packages to buy / What counties supported World8 / FlyingSim World 8 – world wide Flying sim world wide Pelephone /…

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  • Poland Warsaw 2020.03.02

    Poland Warsaw 2020.03.02

    Diary 2020-03-02 Arrival Hotel  Transportation   2020-03-06 Departure General Lametayel General info Future visits Resturants Kosher Delight Pictures Shopping Flight ELAL Places Places – Google maps list Internet Lodging – Hotels 12 suggested hotels (heb) Hampton by Hilton Warsaw City Centre 02.03.2020 to 06.03.2020 Cost: 1538 ILS Tax Refund Info from Lametayel Tax refund from…

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  • Plan a trek

    Plan a trek

    Create a Trek Youtube Video Load Map to Amud Anan on smartphone Youtube Video Load Map to Google maps on smartphone Youtube Video What do you need to use? Web Israel Hiking Map Google Maps Web Apps (Android) Google Maps Amud Anan

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  • Our Israel Hiking Trekking – שביל ישראל – אלבומים

    Our Israel Hiking Trekking – שביל ישראל – אלבומים

    Treks that we completed 2023.04.21 Gimzu To Mesilat Zion to Zuba 2022.10.12 Alon Hagalil to Geni Hanadiv 2021.03.31 Shvil Hagolan 2020.11.19 Tzihor to Tzukim 2020.01.02 Sections 31 Arad, Tsfira 2019.11.15 Oron to Sde Boker 2019.05.02 Sea to Sea  2019.01.03 Beer Ora to Eilat 2018.11.01 Sapir to Mizpe Keywords Trek, Trekkng Hiking, טיול שטח טיולי שטח, אלון גליל…

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  • Israel National Trail sections 31 – 32

    Israel National Trail sections 31 – 32

    General description of new 5 sections Section 31 Arad to Tsfira Section 32 Tsfira to Mesada All downloadable maps of Israel Hiking maps for all section. Google-maps app Map Download GPX files for use with “Amud Anan” or “Israel Hiking Map“

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  • Berlin.2019.12.08


    Diary 2019-12-08 Arrival Hotel Hampton by Hilton. Transportation: Bus 2019-12-09 Visit East side gallery Mercedes mall Body worlds museum Xmas markets. 2019-12-10 Bredenburg Gate Holocaust Memorial Museums: Neues Pergamon Altes Shopping Decathlon Dinner: Don angelo 2019-12-11 Shppping Primark at Alexander platz Anne Frank center Nature Museum 2019-12-12 Museum Science Cars Network Technical Xmax Botanical Gardens …

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  • Traveling to Budapest 08/Oct/2019 to 12/Oct/2019

    Traveling to Budapest 08/Oct/2019 to 12/Oct/2019

    Google maps Placed visited Google drive info Flight Lodging and more Videos and pictures  Google photos

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  • Traveling resources – info – Europe

    Traveling resources – info – Europe

    Tickets Guides and Tickets Transportation TurboPass – Europe and New York Berlin Transportation Berlin Welcome card City Tour Card Facebook post about public transportation Tiqets Berlin TopTuor Information and Attractions Tripadvisor  Europe Global  למטייל Budapest BudapestIL OurBerlin AmirInBerlin Car Rental Insurance RentalCover klicco.pro – purchase 30% discount Health Insurance from Credit card allows Car insurance.…

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  • 2018.08.06 Batumi Giorgia

    2018.08.06 Batumi Giorgia

    נקודות עיניין https://bit.ly/2Mofkah מידע כללי מאתר למטייל https://bit.ly/2P0H72Q מקומות לראות – ynet https://bit.ly/2Ne6snl מסעדות מומלצות מסעדת Ukrine https://bit.ly/2z5rKv5 מסעדת Adjara https://bit.ly/2KU63DI מסעדת Grill town https://bit.ly/31Ql6W3 קניית כרטיס סים https://bit.ly/30aBBvw שינוע והסעות: בכול נקודה בעיר מרימים יד ויעצור לידכם רכב הסעות. מחירים: מ 5 עד 15 לארי, תלוי במרחק. ביטוח נסיעות חו”ל חינם דרך כרטיס האשראי.…

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  • 2019.08.12 Macedonia

    2019.08.12 Macedonia

    Media Faceboox Photos Videos 1 Videos 2 Diary 2019.08.12 – Arrival to Isgrev hotel. Buy sim cards at Struga 2019.08.13 Isgrev Hotel water park Macedonian folklore Karaoke  2019.08.14 Vevchani Springs Struga Cruise to Ohrid 2019.08.15 Travel to Ohrid Samuel’s Fortress Shopping LC waikiki Live show at the hotel 2019.08.16 Return to Israel Documents Google drive…

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  • 2019-July-27 Travelling to Cyprus / Paphos

    2019-July-27 Travelling to Cyprus / Paphos

    Album Photos (facebook) Facebook videos 1 Facebook videos 2 Facebook videos 3 Facebook videos 4 Facebook videos 5 Facebook videos 6 Lodging prices Prices  Apartments Hotels Villas Google Drive directory General info Prices Driving licence (Go Paphos) No international driving licences is needed. Car rental  Thrifty Car Rental – 143 usd Car damaged and I…

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  • Navigation apps / sites

    This post will centralize navigation apps / sites / software 

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  • Travel Visa to USA

    Travel Visa to USA

    General guide for Visa פשוט ויזה Whatsapp ⁦+972 54-718-5555⁩ Online DS-160 form Questionnaire, Get the ID Example: AAXXXXXXCR At the end, upload an image, photo and save confirmation form. Login for adding application IDs and payment

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  • Camping / Traveling / Trekking

    Camping / Traveling / Trekking

    Israel לינה Weekend.co.il לינה חאן צימרים וכו’ Tiuli.com אורחאן חאנים רשות הטבע והגנים נוקדים מחירים מידע על שביל ישראל Israel Track North to south (PDF file) מלאכי שביל ישראל קבוצת פייסבוק ויקישביל מלאכי שביל ישראל מסלולי טיול נחל סער Israel Hiking Map Tiuli Maslulim נחל דן שביל הגולן Info תמר במדבר תמר במדבר Israel Hiking…

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  • Eilat, Desert & meditation

    Eilat, Desert & meditation

    דרך הערבה – ריכוז פעילויות מתחם אירוח באר אורה אשרם במדבר שיטים שיטים 2 נאות סמדר הפורום של לנדמרק

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  • 2018/Dec/09 Rome Italy

    2018/Dec/09 Rome Italy

    Diary Places visited (Google maps list) 2018.12.09 Arrival at 21:15 to Hotel. Dinner with Friends at resturant: IL Barroccio Roma 2018.12.10 Foot tour to most of the piazzas around Rome. כיכר ונציה פיאצה נבונה פנתאון המדרגות הספרדיות טירמיסו בקפה גרקו ליד המדרגות הספרדיות מזרקת טרווי פיאצה דל פופולו Dinner at Local great pub: La Base…

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  • Taba Egypt

    Taba Egypt

    General Very nice, quite and relaxed place. Everything there is pretty clean, there is a tax-free shops near the border inside the Egyptian side. Prices are low relating Israel Eilat’s hotels.  2 Rooms with Taxes cost us about 298 usb or 1070 Ils. Enter Sinai – Taba with a Car Link 1 Link 2 Language…

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  • GIS Geographical information system

    GIS Geographical information system

    פרויקט המפות החופשיות Github Open Street map Israel Hiking map עמוד ענן אונליין Map files to download שביל ישראל כול המקטעים שביל-נט Beer sheva GIS Youtube Video Google Maps Beer sheva Google Maps From / To Google street view Beer sheva Grand Mall Maps API Google maps tutorials (W3schools) Google cloud platform (Get here all…

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  • Traveling to Bucharest

    Traveling to Bucharest

    Diary 1 Day 1 – 2017-11-26 Arrival Check in to Vogue Boutique Residence – 1476 ILS Walk through Lipskny Street. Buy two sim cards at Vodafone 33 Lei for 4GB. KFC Order table for tomorrow at Caru cu bere resturant Origo Caffe Day 2 – 2017-11-27 Piata Rovolutiei – Revolution square Palace of Parliment Gardina Cismigiu Romanian…

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  • Traveling to Honk Kong / China

    Traveling to Honk Kong / China

    General Info about China Google, Dropbox, Google Maps, Flickr and many other services are restricted and there is no access. Can not buy an internet sim cause there is a WCDMA network and not GSM. No english speakers except few people at the Hotel. Dongguan city is very not developed, no malls, no shopping centers.…

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  • Traveling to Budapest 29/Dec/2016 to 05/Jan/2017

    Traveling to Budapest 29/Dec/2016 to 05/Jan/2017

    Visit from 29/Dec/2016 to 05/Jan/2017 Flight Flight ordered by SkyScanner Lodging Ordered by Booking at Last minute budapest. A great aprtment 85 sq-m. Places Visited 29/Dec/2016 – Arrival 30/Dec/2016 Westend mall Circus – Youtube playlist Sir Lenslot Restaurant 31/Dec/2016 – Grand center market / Xmas market Vaci utca / Xmax market Basilika 01/Jan/2017 – Buda…

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  • How to get Free storage at Google drive: Google Maps

    How to get Free storage at Google drive: Google Maps

    Register to local guides plan of google. Follow the steps to become level 4. More links Google local guide page: https://maps.google.com/localguides/home Google’s Blog

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  • Israel National Trail

    Israel National Trail

    Sections at the trail All Sections Section 25: Dvira – Metar Public Maps at Google Maps Section 25: Dvira – Metar

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  • Traveling Abroad health insurance

    Traveling Abroad health insurance

    Credit Cards Mastercard free insurance Here is the link Matercard – AIG direct link Leumicard free insurance Here is the link WOBI Find here the cheapest solution for traveling insurance. WOBI Clalit Expensive  here is the link Phoenix Good price polisa. Very cheap. Here is the link Keywords ביטוח נסיעות, ביטוח נסיעות לחו”ל ביטוח נסיעות חו”ל, ביטוח חול ביטוח לחו”ל…

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  • Traveling to Russia – Saint Petersburg

    Traveling to Russia – Saint Petersburg

    Hotel Arrival at: 2016-07-21 to Hotel – Moskva Till: 2016-07-27. Place visited Hermitage Museum. Winter Palace. Peter and Paul Fortress. Galeria Mall Peterhof Park and Gardens General Tips Buy Internet and local calls sim at Airport. Try other company then Tele2. No need to convert currencies to rubles, you can use ATM at saint peters-burg. Apps needed…

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  • Interesting Traveling Articles

    Interesting Traveling Articles

    Israel 11 walking routes with water Extreme – Unusual traveling Unusual raveling to Europe Do you like Extreme tourist ? Offline version From India to USA, Best Treks Click here to goto to online version Click to download the offline version Greece Beaches at Greece Free Attractions at the world Online Version Download offline version…

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