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Taba Egypt



Very nice, quite and relaxed place. Everything there is pretty clean, there is a tax-free shops near the border inside the Egyptian side.

Prices are low relating Israel Eilat’s hotels.  2 Rooms with Taxes cost us about 298 usb or 1070 Ils.


  • Arabic
  • English
  • Sometimes hebrew


Check the timezone cause there are 1 hour before Israel.



  • Arriving to the passing border and finding a car parking at the Israeli side.
  • Walking to Taba hotel & Nelson village (call Hilton Taba at the past).
  • There are the Nelson rooms which are close to the beach that costs about $30 per room more then the regular room
  • Eating lunch at Marhaba restaurant.
  • Resting at the beach.
  • Very good dinner at the Hotel.



  • Egyptian Lira
  • Us Dollars
    • At most of the places Dollars accepted.
  • Master card / Visa  credit cards
  • Israeli Shekels
    • 1 Israeli Shekel is about 4.9 Egyptian Lira.

Tips & Tricks

  • Hotel booking, need to be done at least week before, without a printed hotel booking a tax will have to be paid to the Israeli borders control.
  • After passing the Israeli border control, at the Egyptian border control, you need to fill entry form, fill it by yourself cause there are people that wants to fill it for you for money, while you can fill it yourself.
  • When you enter Egypt, after filling the arrival form, take with you also the departure form and fill it at the hotel.
  • Fill the Border pass by pen and not pencil.
  • Speakers is not allowed to enter the hotel so the hotel security will scan you baggage and take the speakers.
  • Upon currency conversion pay attention to conversion rate. 1 Israeli shekel it about 4.9 Egyptian Lira.
  • Do not convert currency at Eilat, the rates there are very high.
  • Do not leave your passport at the Casino or at the Hotel, take it with you all time or lock it at the safe.
  • At the hotel do not loose your towel cards cause ti will cost you 10 USD.
  • Pass the border with Car
    • If you pass the borders with a Car, the procedure case you go only to the near hotels, is simple.
    • 4×4 or other commercial car, can not pass.
    • The car owner only suppose to be at the car.