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Risco’s Agility Home Security system

Agility2 2pirs

CS (Configuration software)

  • Agility 3 Security Alarm System
    • Needs CS (Configuration software) to configure the system.
  • Download
  • How to install CS?
    • Run the setup file till it completes the install.
    • Go-to program group call “Risco Group”
    • Run “System organizer”
    • Click on Initialize.
    • After that close the “System organizer”.
  • How to run CS?
    • Go-to “Risco group”and run “Configuration Software”.
    • It will ask you username and password:
      • Username: admin
      • Password: 123

Keypad and Pir detectors Batteries

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  • 3V Batteries of type:
    • Duracell CR17345
    • Panasonic Lithium CR123, CR123A

How to…

  • How to delete Keyfobs
    • Goto Agility->Wireless devices->Remote controls
    • Click on “Receive current screen”.
    • All remotes will appear.
    • Right click on a Remote and click on “Delete”.
  • How to add a Keyfob to System
    • Goto Agility->Activities->Radio device allocation
    • Under Allocation click on Allocate
    • While system searches devices to alocate, click on the top-left key of the keyfob.
    • At this point the system indicates that new keyfob has been found.
  • How to change date / time

Events log

  • 2019.10.02 Pir detectors was alarming immediately.
    • What was done:
      • Alerts type modified as follows:
      • Alert Volume modified as follows: