• Server that hosts the Printer
    • Control panel
    • Share printer
  • Client to install printer as a network printer
    • Go to control panel of windows.
    • Go to “Devices and printers”.
    • Click on “Add printer”.
    • Click on “The printer that I want isn’t listed”.
    • Click on “Add a printer “.
    • Select “Select shared printer by name”.
    • Write the following:
      • \\[printer’s IP]\Brother MFC-J470DW
    • Another way to add printer is :
      • In start windows search for Printers & scanners
      • Click on The printer that I want isn’t listed
      • Write the following”
        • \\[printer’s IP]\Brother MFC-J470DW

 Dyson V8Dyson V10Dibea C17ROIDMI
Battery (ma)28002600 2500
Work time (min)40602050
Charge time (h)
Dust bin (L)0.540.770.350.4
Weight (kg)2.632.67 2.5
Noise (db)73756575
Suction (pa)  700018500
Product pagelinklinklinklink
Cost ($)650900100390
V8 vs V10   

Klear bar

  • תשלום 100 שח לחודש
  • 3 שנות אחריות
  • כול חצי שנה החלפת פילטר
  • מפרט מוצר
  • חוברת הפעלה
  • מסך מגע
    • לחיצה אחת מזיגה של כוס.
  • מים חמים 100 מעלות
  • אירועים
    • 2022.10.17 סיום עיסקה
    • 2021.10.17 החלפת סנן
    • 2020.10.17 החלפת סנן
      • להחליף סנן במכשיר וגם סנן מתחת לכיור
    • 2019.10.17 התקנה
      • בוצע
    • 2019.10.16 סגירת עיסקה 100 שח לחודש ל 3 שנים
      • בוצע

Hadas בר מים

  • 2017.water bar hadas
  • תשלום חודשי של 70 שח למשך 3 שנים.
  • החלפת סנן כול שנה
  • חסרונות
    • מים לא חמים, נמדד 88 מעלות
    • יש צורך ללחוץ על הברז במשך כול המזיגה
  • Keywordfs
    • Water Bar , Mini bar , בר מים , מיני בר , צלול 4 יו, zalul for u , צלול פור יו , mayim4u ,  מים  ,  יו , מים פור יו , Maim for you

Instructions how to assemble the Pool Pump to The pool:

  1. Connect first pipe to the upper connection of the pool (#1 at the picture) and to the lower connection of the pump (#2 at the picture).
  2. Connect the second pipe from the upper connection from the pump (#4) to the lower connection of the pool (#5).
  3. Open #3 of the pump so the air will go out of the pump.
  • Agility 3 Security Alarm System
    • Needs CS (Configuration software) to configure the system.
  • Download
  • How to install CS?
    • Run the setup file till it completes the install.
    • Go-to program group call “Risco Group”
    • Run “System organizer”
    • Click on Initialize.
    • After that close the “System organizer”.
  • How to run CS?
    • Go-to “Risco group”and run “Configuration Software”.
    • It will ask you username and password:
      • Username: admin
      • Password: 123
  • 3V Batteries of type:
    • Duracell CR17345
    • Panasonic Lithium CR123, CR123A

  • How to delete Keyfobs
    • Goto Agility->Wireless devices->Remote controls
    • Click on “Receive current screen”.
    • All remotes will appear.
    • Right click on a Remote and click on “Delete”.
  • How to add a Keyfob to System
    • Goto Agility->Activities->Radio device allocation
    • Under Allocation click on Allocate
    • While system searches devices to alocate, click on the top-left key of the keyfob.
    • At this point the system indicates that new keyfob has been found.
  • How to change date / time
  • 2019.10.02 Pir detectors was alarming immediately.
    • What was done:
      • Alerts type modified as follows:
      • Alert Volume modified as follows:
  • Problem
    • The Irobot showed Error 5 on it’s display.
    • After measuring the AC adapter, it showed about 22Vdc.
    • The faulty battery show 15.6v after charging the robot.
    • I bought new battery at AliExpress from HERE. It was a battery of 3500mA. The original battery showed mark of 4500mA.
  • Solution
    • After that I took an Irobot from friend and used his battery, 4500mA new battery, and the faulty Irobot worked OK.
  • Robot was not connected to charger for a month.
  • Due to that, after connecting it to charger, it didn’t work.
  • What I did is to take the battery and charge it with external power supply for 30 min, as described at the following picture:
  • After that connect the battery to the Robot and continue to charge with the robot charger.

The problem:

Loading Video from VOD very very slow.

Possible Solution:

  • Hit 888 at Yes cable box.
  • Measure the rate to the internet.
  • If the rate is too low, below 2000KBPs, then do the following:
    • Disconnect the cable box from AC power.
    • Disconnect the Ethernet cable from attached to the cable box.
    • Case the internet router is also connected to other router, then disconnect the other router from power.
    • Disconnect also the other Cable box attached to router from power.
    • Put the power on according to the following order:
      • Router
      • Cable Box 
      • Other cable boxes case there were disconnected.
A Refrigerator Failure repair will be described here:. Problem: Refrigerator doesn’t work”

1. The freezer doesn’t freeze.

2. Top and button food placements – not cold.

3. No air and ventilation at food place.

4. Electricity Works (Lights inside the Refrigerator).


1. Open the Freezer as described at picture 1.

2. Open with screw driver the buttom plate of the freezer (picture 2).

3. Touch the plate, it suppose to be cold (picture 3). If it is cold then the Refrigerator works.

4. Check if the ventilation works (picture 4), air suppose to be flow inside the food compartment. If there is no air the the ventilation doesn’t work.


The electrical motor that flows the air into the Refrigerator doesn’t works (Picture 4).


Replace the faulty electrical motor that doesn’t flows air.