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Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Png9047
A Refrigerator Failure repair will be described here:. Problem: Refrigerator doesn’t work”

1. The freezer doesn’t freeze.

2. Top and button food placements – not cold.

3. No air and ventilation at food place.

4. Electricity Works (Lights inside the Refrigerator).


1. Open the Freezer as described at picture 1.

2. Open with screw driver the buttom plate of the freezer (picture 2).

3. Touch the plate, it suppose to be cold (picture 3). If it is cold then the Refrigerator works.

4. Check if the ventilation works (picture 4), air suppose to be flow inside the food compartment. If there is no air the the ventilation doesn’t work.


The electrical motor that flows the air into the Refrigerator doesn’t works (Picture 4).


Replace the faulty electrical motor that doesn’t flows air.