Docker – Containers

  • Download and setup Docker:
  • Register/Login/Sign-up
  • Open command prompt/Cmd/Terminal
  • Apply the following commands:
    • docker or docker –help (Help screen appears).
    • docker –version (Display the version of docker).
    • docker images (displays the currently installed images).
    • Install UI for docker. The UI is accessible at http://localhost:8090
    • Install the UI by applying the following command:
      • docker run -d -p –privileged -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock uifd/ui-for-docker 
    • How to copy a file from container to host?
      • docker cp container:path host-path
      • Example:
        • docker cp darknet:/root/darknet/predictions.png c:\temp
  • Read more about “Docker Composer“.

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