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Chevrolet Trax


Events log

  • 1400 ILS repair
    • החלפת תושבות לגלגלים קידמיים
  • While driving, series of strong beeps and red indication started on dashboard.
  • In addition error code 89 displayed at the dashboard.
  • At the garage, it was found that the water pump was faulty and didn’t provided a water.
  • Cost 1720 ILS
    • 15,000 KM treatment – 530 ILS
    • Water pump – Not original + work- 1290 ILS
  • After this fix, the same issue happened again.
    • The garage has found that the radiator works partially and it is full with fur (אבנית).
    • After deep clean is cost 1250 ils.
  • Totally 2970 ils.
  • Dashboard showed the following error:
  • HERE there is explanation how to check the oil level.
    • View videos 3 and 4.
  • The oil level was at the middle -meaning OK.
  • Now need to reset the indicator as follows:
  • At the garage, there was cylinder 3 ignition coil failure.
  • Eventually the car reported error codes of 16 22 26 28, most of the codes that were related to lights, front light, back light, parking light.
  • The Garage find that there were burn light bulbs and there was a short circuit on the front light of the car.
  • The repairs take 410 nis.
  • Dashboards shows error 89
  • According to the manual maintenance need to be done ASAP
  • It happened in the morning.
  • After searching at the internet, it said that there is a thermostat problem.
  • Try to add water to radiator.
  • Eventually a mechanic scanned the car code and find that the sensor of the thermostat has malfunction and he replaced it.
    • Fix of this malfunction caused about 1200 ILS.  
  • 2022.02.11 Replaced at the official garage in Beer sheva.

Error Codes