Interact with your Mobile by Voice

Yes they are all personal assistants but Here Google now will be discussed. here is a partial list of Voice interaction:


  1. “OK Google” – The mobile enters voice recognition and assisting mode.
  2. “What is my calendar look like?” – Display of today’s schedule.
  3. “Text”+Contact name – Send Sms to a person.
  4. “Remind me to buy milk in two hours” – It will create a schedule that will remind you in two hours.
  5. “What is the capital of Israel?” – It will answer you Jerusalem is the capital.
  6. “What is the time at Russia? – It will announce the time at Russia.
  7. “What is the date today?” – It will announce the current date.
  8. “What are the attractions at Paris?” – Announces the attractions at Paris.
  9. “Show me some pictures of New York”
  10. “Post to twitter I want to go to London”
  11. “Open Whatsapp” “Open Facebook”
  12. “What is the weather on Sunday at New York?”
  13. “Note to self” – It will ask you for a note that will be sent to you by email.
  14. “How many calories are at a Banana?”
  15. “What are some restaurants near by”
  16. “Give me directions to Jerusalem”
  17. “Calculate 145 multiple 267”
  18. “Divide 156 by 8”
  19. “How much is 5,5 percent of 1550”
  20. “What is the population of New York”
  21. “What is Google stock price”
  22. “Call Mom”
  23. “How do you say where is the rest room in German”
  24. “What is 10 dollars in pesos”
  25. “What is 3 cups in liters”
  26. “Wake me up at 7 am tomorrow”


  • Google now 
  • Ok Google
  • Google Assistant
  • Google interpreter
  • Personal assistant
  • Siri, Cortana, Bixby, Alexa

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