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Symmetry in investments

  • Background
    • Sometime an Investor find himself at deep loses due to investments. Here I will relate to Stock exchanges investments.
    • Since stocks markets are behaving as sinusoidal waves. If you have bought a stock that is at the upper part of the sinus wave, most likely that ti will rise little and decrease a lot.
    • If the stocks continue to decrease then:
      • Option 1: buy more of the same stock and wait till it will; raise.
      • Option 2, wait till it will raise.
    • Either way time passes till your investment increases and you can sell the stock with a profit.
    • But in order to gain more value out of the investment, then hold the same stock as much as time as you held it till it raised to a profit.
    • Meaning:
      • If you have waited 6 months to a  stock to raise and become profitable, from the moment it is profitable, wait another 6 months and then sell it.