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Xiaomi Drone FIMI x8 2020

Xiaomi Drone 9729052 9

General info

Carry / Storage Case


How to

  • Remote controller / Drone
    • Press twice the power button of the battery.
    • The second press should be longer.

Q & A

  • Can it take off without smartphone when using remote and drone only?
    • Yes, Turn on Drone, Turn on Remote controller, wait till there will be two white light at the remote, then take off.
  • If connection if lost does it returns home automatically?
    • Yes
  • If Remote and smartphone battery discharged and turned off, does it returns home automatically?
  • What is the maximum range?
    • City
    • Open space
    • From Home
    • Using range extender 
  • How long it remains at the same spot in Air with full charge battery?