[shortcode param1='param 1 value' param2='param 2 value']

Read parameters:

function shortcode_function($atts)
echo $atts['param1']; //param 1 value will be displayed.
echo $atts['param2']; //param 2 value will be displayed.
  • Example 1
    • /*
      Plugin Name: Shortcode demo
      Plugin URI:
      Description: Shortcode Demo
      Version: 1.0
      Author: Gabriel Magen
      Author URI:
      License: GPLv2

How to

  • Add a language
    • Go to HERE
    • Locate requested language
    • Click on “View team page
    • Click on “Download language pack
    • Upload the downloaded file to wp-content\languages
    • At wordpress admin panel, go to Settings->General
      • Select the required language
  • Add to wp-config.php, after define(‘DEBUG’,off);, the following line:
    • define(‘FS_METHOD’,’direct’);
    • At the following picture FS_METHOD appears twice, the white is not legal and the yellow is legal.
  • Click on the following video that demonstrates this.
  • Install
    • Go to
    • Download plugin and install from there.


  • Elementor
  • WpIde
  • AceIde
  • Siteground tutorials:

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