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  • WpEngine – Local, a wordpress development tool

    Build, test, and deploy sites faster with the #1 WordPress local development tool. FREE DOWNLOAD Download #2 How to Use (Video) WordPress on Computer with Local | Localhost LocalWP | Flywheel | WP Engine  

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  • Centralized post for WordPress development

    Centralized post for WordPress development

    Development Add menu item Example 1 – video Shortcode Simple shortcode example How to pass parameters to shortcode Call shortcode: [shortcode param1=’param 1 value’ param2=’param 2 value’] Read parameters: function shortcode_function($atts){ echo $atts[‘param1’]; //param 1 value will be displayed. echo $atts[‘param2’]; //param 2 value will be displayed.} Plugin Header Example 1 /*Plugin Name:¬†Shortcode demoPlugin URI:Description:¬†Shortcode…

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  • Site Ground – WordPress with advanced topics

    Site Ground – WordPress with advanced topics

    Siteground tutorials: https://www.siteground.com/tutorials/wordpress/ A greate post with the following topics: Send Emails Via SMTP WordPress with Real Cron Job Limit WordPress Heartbeat Disable Post Revisions WordPress SEO Translate WordPress WordPress Adsense WordPress The Loop Create a WordPress Theme Add Facebook Like Button Display Posts From Category Show Post Author Change WordPress URL Display Random Comment…

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