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  • 6 How-To programming videos

    6 How-To programming videos

    Videos: Video 01 How to create a User interface for managing Database table Video 02 How to create MDI Multi document interface in C Sharp net Video 03 How to Add Tray Icon Content Menu VB NET Video 04 How to create a Gui to manage Database Table Video 05 3D Effects with paint NET…

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  • WordPress plugin development OOP way

    WordPress plugin development OOP way

    let’s create WordPress plugin the easy way: 01. Create plug-in template as follows: Browse to http://wppb.me/ and generate plugin, this is Wordpress boilerplate generator  and generates OOP plugin. Download the generated plug-in. Install it. In general here is a link to wordpress developer resources. 02. plugin code Search plugin directory for string “public static function activate()“. activation: in the activation phase…

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