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ECM – Enterprise Content Management

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You work at a company that decided to implement ECM (enterprise content management).

The CEO asks for suggestions for methodologies how to insert emails to ECM. You need to submit your suggestions with explanations of Who is in charge and for what, How to relate to email threads, attachments etc.

In my opinion organizational emails should be handled as follows:

  1. First step in to classify the email:
  • Emails of technical information.
  • Emails of approvals of management.
  • Daily managerial emails.
  • Legal entry.
  • Junk Emails inside the organization.
  • Emails deals with internal issues of the organization.
  1. The classification need to be done by a single person which will be assigned a controller for this activity.
  2. Legal Emails should be exported with all the attachments and Threads and saved with time-stamp, and tags of department, taxonomy and ontology. This document should be digitally signed.
  3. Junk Emails (group jokes, internal communication between employees relating non organizational issue), should be ignored and not saved al all.
  4. Daily Managerial emails, should be saved without attachments and threads.
  5. Emails deals with internal issues of the organization – should be saved with attachments and threads, no digital signed is required here.
  6. Emails of approval of management should be saved as exported documents with attachments and threads.
  7. Emails of technical information should be saved as exported doc with attachments and threads with taxonomy and ontology tags.
  8. 3 Thins that I learned at this lesson of Knowledge management course:

  • Taxonomy, tagging data.
  • Ontology, grouping tags into a context.
  • Folksonomy, tagging information as a community of users.
  • Digitally signing documents (co-sign) – Actually seeing this process.
  • Federated search: searching information simultaneously at searchable resources.