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Science research by “Wisdom of Crowds”

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Q1. What are the type of researches that cannot be done by Crowd-sourcing?

Researches that searches for new ideas or developing some new product. The crowd can differentiate between products or services and rank it but is case of searching something new, it is less suggested.

Q2. What type of researches can be done with Crowd-sourcing?

a. Cognition researches – such as what product is going to succeed or estimations researches.

b. Cooperation problems – Development of something that is complex.

c. Coordination problems – For example a research for developing a online guiding system by analyzing mass online reports.

Example of a research that can be done by Crowd-sourcing and how We are going to make them participate at that research?

For example I would use crowd-sourcing for deciding about the impact of using a Logo of Celebrities to decide for weather it will increase Clothing company profit and how much it will increase.

Regarding causing the crowd to participate, it seems that among the following reasons: Money, Killing time, Fun, building a portfolio, mission, the most effective motivation will be money (even it if a matter of few cents).

3 things that I learned at this lesson:

    • The extent and scope of differences between Britannica and Wikipedia illustrated by the following picture:

  • Four techniques of cause the crowd to vote:


a. Token voting.

b. Prediction Markets.

c. Idea Tournament.

d. Ranking sheets.

  • Innocentive – a outsourcing company that do Research and development.