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Organizational Social Network


You work for global company, the management come to the conclusion that the wheel is invented again and again at many departments, organizational knowledge is not used enough, and occasionally there are no answers for questions, while the experts that knows the answer work within the company.

1. Q. Describe how internal organizational social system will solve those problems.

An organizational social network will help us in the following way:

    • With a wiki platform a definition of a term will be created there.
    • Each document will have an option to be modified online at the wiki.
    • The core professional employees will not answer directly to questions by email of by phone, but they will get a request to answer questions at a discussion forum and to update wikis.

2. Q. How to ensure the success of the process?

    • The leaders / Managers of the organization will have to start work with the wiki system in an integrative way, it means that daily tasks and business processes will be done using wiki.
    • Companies routines and procedure documents will be placed on intranet site. The employees will have to fetch it from there.
    • Using the social platform for general organizational updates about events.

3. Q. What will ensure failure of the process?

    • Managers that don’t really believe in this process and are not making example of using the organizational social network.
    • Employees that solving their problems without documenting it at the organizational social network.

4. Q. How to ensure that the experts will answer to questions that assigned to them?

    • By training the experts of using the system and demonstrate to them the benefits of sharing information so they will be more available to deal with their core tasks.
    • Gamification of organizational social network.
    • The Experts need to build set of definitions that is relevant for their organization.
    • The experts need to define at least 30 terms for each field of intereset in order to achieve control of that field.

5. Q. Why type of problems will not be solved by organizational social network?

    • If the organization that want to implement a social organizational network, the culture of them is a culture of not sharing information or bureaucratic government organization that the employees doesn’t really care about the organization and they are following procedures by the book, then organizational social network will not solve there a thing.

3 new things that I learned at this lesson are:

    1. Wiki – What is the real meaning or it and how it is different from Blog concept.

Wiki – more like enciklopedia, many people may edit an article.

Blog – Personal page, opinion with comments of users.

    1. Microsoft has a free version of sharepoint, sharepoint foundation, that allows managing information of group sites.
    2. Culture of discipline: New information for me about what is the most appropriate path for excellence:


Culture of Discipline


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Hierarchy organization


Startup organization

Bureaucratic organization



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