How to setup PhpMyAdmin at your website

1. Download PhpMyAdmin.

2. Upload it to your Server/Domain.

3. Browse to

4. Click on “New Server” button:

5. Under “Server hostname” write your host name.

6. Under “User for config auth” (might be under authentication tab) write MySql username.

7. Under “Password for config auth” write MySql password.

8. Under PhpMyAdmin top level directory create a directory called “config”:

8.1 Click on Apply.

8.2 config direcotry suppose to have RW permissions.

9. Under PhpMyAdmin setup page click on “Save” button:

10. Configuration saved to file config/ in phpMyAdmin top level directory, copy it to top level one and delete directory config to use it.

11. Login to your PhpMyAdmin at


Based on the following Video:

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