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Category: PHP

  • List of Apache–MySQL–PHP packages

    List of Apache–MySQL–PHP packages

    This is a list of AMP (Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, Perl/PHP/Python) solution stacks for all computer platforms; these software bundles are used to run dynamic Web sites or servers. There are LAMPs (for Linux); WAMPs (for Windows); MAMPs (for macOS); SAMPs (for Solaris); and FAMPs (for FreeBSD).

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  • Summary of opensource projects

    Summary of opensource projects

    Blogs WordPressOpen BlogSerendipityDotclearb2evolutionTextpattern GhostNibbleblogLifeTypePixieNucleusChyrp eggBlogPivotXFlatPress Social Networking DolphinOxwallJcowElggBeatzEtano pH7CMSPeoplePodsOpen Source Social NetworkFamily Connections Micro Blogs SharetronixStatusNetPageCookeryStorytlr Image Galleries GalleryPiwigoCoppermineZenphotoTinyWebGalleryphpAlbum 4imagesPixelpostPloggeriGalerie Ad Management OSClassNoahs ClassifiedsRevive AdserverOpenClassifiedsGPixPixelProsper202 Portals / CMS DrupalJoomlaPHP-FusionConcrete5MODXCMS Made Simple e107XoopsZikulaOpen Real EstateWebsite BakerPHP-Nuke ocPortalPyroCMSSubrionPliggMamboGeeklog ContaoTypo3SilverStripesNewsjCoreImpressPages Quick.CMSImpressCMSphpwcmsMonstraSilexRedaxscript ProcessWireSiteCakeSaurusForkJamroomSitemagic CMS MaharaPimcoreTiki Wiki CMS GroupwareBoltPluckTribiq razorCMSSeoToaster CMSBIGACECroogo Forums phpBBSMFMyBBAEFVanillaPunBB XMBFluxBBPhorumbbPressFUDforumminiBB Wikis MediaWikiDokuWikiPmWikiWikkaWikiCalendars WebCalendarBookedExtCalendarphpicalendar Mails RoundcubephpListWebMail LiteSquirrelMailpoMMoWebinsta Maillist OpenNewsletterccMail Polls and Surveys LimeSurveyPiwikLittlePollphpESPAardvark TopsitesAdvanced Poll EasyPollSimple PHP PollOpen Web AnalyticsCJ Dynamic PollLogaholicLittle Software Stats  Project Management qdPMFeng OfficeeyeOSCollabtivedotProjectProjectPier Mantis…

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  • ACF – Advance custom fields – How to design a Form

    ACF – Advance custom fields – How to design a Form

    Advance Custom Fields https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/ Display ACF values at a post Method 1 Metod 2 Use Short codes Example: [acf field=”{$field_name}”] How to Disable the Gutenberg WordPress Editor Extras: ACF for bgginers Custom Post Type UI https://he.wordpress.org/plugins/custom-post-type-ui/ Alternative method for collecting information by forms https://ninjaforms.com/

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  • How to install PhpMyAdmin on C9.IO

    How to install PhpMyAdmin on C9.IO

    here is a link of how to: https://docs.c9.io/docs/setting-up-phpmyadmin

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  • How to setup PhpMyAdmin at your website

    How to setup PhpMyAdmin at your website

    1. Download PhpMyAdmin. 2. Upload it to your Server/Domain. 3. Browse to www.your-domain.com/phpMyAdmin/Setup 4. Click on “New Server” button: 5. Under “Server hostname” write your host name. 6. Under “User for config auth” (might be under authentication tab) write MySql username. 7. Under “Password for config auth” write MySql password. 8. Under PhpMyAdmin top level…

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  • Using Singleton Classes for WordPress Plugins

    Using Singleton Classes for WordPress Plugins http://hardcorewp.com/2013/using-singleton-classes-for-wordpress-plugins/

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  • How to Add A PHP Code to your WordPress Posts, Pages and Widgets

    How to Add A PHP Code to your WordPress Posts, Pages and Widgets A very good youtube video that shows how to add php code into wordpress page. The steps are: 1. Install ‘PHP Code Widget’ plugin. 2. Install ‘Insert PHP’ plugin. 3. Start writing php code inside wordpress pages and posts. Here is a…

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