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How to cast Android mobile to Android TV streamer?

  • Here is how everything is connected:
    • Android Mobile->Same wifi network->Android TV streamer->HDMI cable->TV
  • My own configuration:
    • Xiaomi MI5->Wifi 5GHz (No less)>Xiaomi Mibox 3 streamer android TV v.8.
  • How tocast from Mobile to Tv?
    • Step 1: Android mobile install Google home app.
    • Step 2: On the streamer Android TV, install app AirScreen.
    • Step 3: Run the AirScreen app on streamer.
    • Step 4: Run Google home app on mobile.
    • Step 5: at google home app, select “Cast screen / Audio”and select a device that runs AirScreen.
      • There can be more than 1 device.