• Here is how everything is connected:
    • Android Mobile->Same wifi network->Android TV streamer->HDMI cable->TV
  • My own configuration:
    • Xiaomi MI5->Wifi 5GHz (No less)>Xiaomi Mibox 3 streamer android TV v.8.
  • How tocast from Mobile to Tv?
    • Step 1: Android mobile install Google home app.
    • Step 2: On the streamer Android TV, install app AirScreen.
    • Step 3: Run the AirScreen app on streamer.
    • Step 4: Run Google home app on mobile.
    • Step 5: at google home app, select “Cast screen / Audio”and select a device that runs AirScreen.
      • There can be more than 1 device.
  • Steps
    1. For this purpose install and activate the following two plugins
    2. Advanced Custom Fields
    3. Advanced Custom Post Types
    4. Under wordpress admin page, find menu item called “Content Types”
    5. Create the type you want.
    6. Under “Custom fields” create field group.
    7. At the selected field group, create under location, a rule that connects type to fields.
  • Veiw more info at the following POST.