• Download Trafix
  • Install
  • Uninstall portable tor
  • install tor
  • copy installed tor from desktop to place of the portable tor.
  • Run Trafix.
  • Create a page at facebook to your website.
  • Create a page at instagram to your website.
  • From within facebook and instagram, copy their link to your site (a link from within facebook and instalgram to your site).
  • Paste those links to trafix.


  • A home that has elements that can be controlled by Voice and / or smartphone app.
  • What elements are controlled?
    • Lights
    • Hot water boiler
    • Air conditioner
    • TV
    • All IR controlled elements
    • Many many more
  • The next step of evolution for smart-home will be to integrate with Google Home.
  • What you will achieve with Google home (google play / app store)?
    • Share with other home members the ability to control devices with having them to install 3rd party apps.
    • Voice control over the devices.
  • Configure your devices by eWelink sonoff or by broadlink.
  • Add devices to google home and link accounts of Sonoff and Broadlink to google home.
  • Vocie control by smartphone or by google home app the devices at your home.
  • Note for Broadlink:
    • In order to integrate with Google home, user must use “Intelligent home control” – IHC app.
    • At least one scene must be defined at IHC app in order to be able to control the device.
    • How to operate the device by voice?
      • At google home state:
        • “Hey google” (or “OK google”) “turn on” (or “switch on”) [scene name at IHC] .
  • How to connect
  • Step 1 – wiring as follows:
  • Step 2 – Long click on the button of the Sonoff
    • Device will enter setup mode.
  • Step 3 – Configure Ewelink app with sonoff device.
  • Here is how everything is connected:
    • Android Mobile->Same wifi network->Android TV streamer->HDMI cable->TV
  • My own configuration:
    • Xiaomi MI5->Wifi 5GHz (No less)>Xiaomi Mibox 3 streamer android TV v.8.
  • How tocast from Mobile to Tv?
    • Step 1: Android mobile install Google home app.
    • Step 2: On the streamer Android TV, install app AirScreen.
    • Step 3: Run the AirScreen app on streamer.
    • Step 4: Run Google home app on mobile.
    • Step 5: at google home app, select “Cast screen / Audio”and select a device that runs AirScreen.
      • There can be more than 1 device.

01. My Account

Gives you quick access to the settings and tools that let you safeguard your data, protect your privacy, and decide how your information can make Google tools and services work better for you.


02. Activity Control

From better commute options in Maps to quicker results in Search, the data we save with your account can make Google services a lot more useful to you. Here are your controls for managing this data and editing your activity.


03. My Activity

Ability to view and delete our activities on google.


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