• How to
    • Reset Environment 1
      • Go to View->Arrange windows->Desktop default.
    • Reset Environment 2
      • Go to where FL studio installed.
      • Run with /Reset parameter.
      • “C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 12\FL.exe” /Reset
  • Resources
    • Lopperman
      • Many loops / Acapella / Software / Track genres.
  • Learn and Tutorials
  • VoiceTrap V.20 plugin
  • Solving problems:
    • After installation of FLStudio20 an error message of sytrus and plug plugins that were not loaded.
      • Problem solved by opening regedit.exe
      • Finding all sytrus records.
      • Delete them all.
      • Oher alternatives is to look for image-line at regedit.exe.
      • Delete all image-line records.
    • Changing GUI size / resolution:
      • Main menu->Options->General settings->General tab: (click to enlarge)

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