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If you are not serious about KM please don’t do KM

If You Are Not Serious About Km Please Dont Do Km 0.jpg

Out of the following article about 5 reasons why KM (knowledge management) can fail, here is my scaling from 1-top to 5-bottom about that reasons.

Link for PDF about 5 reasons that KM can fail:

If you are not serious about KM

1. Vision

The need for KM should come from inside the organization, if there will not be raised a need for KM they the whole process will be failed. Managers at all levels should realize and understand the benefits of KM organization. There are two ways to use KM: the short way or the hard way, Finally an organization will realize that there is a need for KM. It will be better for an organization to adopt KM methodologies cause the other alternative is that the same organization will adopt KM methodologies after it will fail again and again and finality they will have to deal with Knowledge management.

2. Who are your knowledge managers?

This is the heaviest reason that impact KM after VISION cause if the management team of organization is leading KM then there is a good chance that KM will succeed at that organization. KM should be lead from top to bottom, If the managers will have no value for KM then we shouldn’t expects that other personals inside the organization will follow KM methodologies.

3. Representation in organization leadership:

The KM should be lead by managers cause the managers decide and design the business processes of an organization. It is OK to do a mistake once but it is the responsibility of the manager not to follow that mistake twice.

4. Technology is your starting point:

Adopting KM from the point of view of available technology is very bad way to start with knowledge management. An organization should characterize all set of requirements then the organization should implement with technological infrastructure the KM methodologies that best suites the firm. The firm should look at KM from the point of view of a need to not do the same mistake twice and not from the point of view of what available technology we have here and how do We will use it.

5. Are you mad about ROI:

ROI (Return on investment) is the less important reason why We should use KM cause in terms of ROI, finally KM will increase the ROI rate but KM is more infrastructure investment rather then investment that should be returned and calculated. KM, the knowledge of organization cannot be calculated by numbers cause grouped employees can achieve more together than a group of other employees that have the same task but without growing in the same organization with KM methodologies.

3 Important thing that I learned from this lesson are:

  • There is actually standards for KM that structures KM:
  • BSI – British standard CWA 14924-1.
  • SI – Israeli Standard SI 25006.
  • The estimated size of the digital universe and the forecast of it:
  • I was not aware of the differences between the generations cause each generation come to achievements and the claim was that everything that is done today was done also before but with different tools, but Now I actually I realize that our generation is capable of more than previous generations not because the tools that we are using, We are different cause We born into new age of using many media communications path as a second nature and we will be capable for achieving more.