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Resources for Bootable CDs on USB flash drive

T Resources For Bootable Cds On Usb Flash Drive 0.jpg

CD, a technology that soon will be history, here are 4 alternatives for using CDROMs:

1. Universal USB Installer – Has many linux installers with downloadable ISO.

2. Rufus – Source code is also available.

3. ISO2USB – A very simple and good tool to install Windows and any other ISO.

4. Windows USB/DVD Download Tool – Windows to usb ISO tool. Has a source code available but no so convenient tool.

5. SD Card Speed Tester – What type of SD card are you using? How fast is it?
We have found that the most common compatibility problems are due to the type of SD card being used. You are strongly advised to use a micro SD card from the recommended list on GoPro’s website, http://gopro.com/help/articles/Block/microSD-Card-Considerations.