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KM Course BGU – Frankfurt airport

Frankfurt Airport


At Frankfurt airport,  a wiki portal raise in order to share information between employees. It turns out that the contribution of the employees is pretty small and the goal of sharing information not achieved.

Suggest to the CEO detailed plan based on Gamification principle of how to cause the employees to share information by the organizational wiki and contribute information from their own will.

I would suggest the following to CEO:

  • Settle on badges and ranks, as much as the employee posts info on the wiki, then he will get more badges or “10 posts”, “50 posts”, “50 feedback from members” etc. There will be more badges that could raise the rank of the employee.
  • Once a quarter there will be a competition between all the wiki members and the winner will get a flight ticket.
  • After the first rank the employee will be able to write comments and review.
  • For each post the employee will earn “points”. This points will allow the employees to have discount for products.


3 things that I learn at this lesson:

  1. MMOG – Massive multiplayer online game – There is actually a term for massive multipleyers arenas.
  2. Learn to code website – a great website that causes you to program physically with your fingers and uses the methodology of Gamification.
  3. There are 4 types of fun:
    1. Easy fun – Just having simple fun without any reason.
    2. Hard fun – Master something or to finish a difficult challenge.
    3. People fun – Do fun with others together.
    4. Serious fun – Do good things for family or some other good cause or volunteering activity.