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Learn how to develop WordPress Plugins

Top 10 Wordpress Plugins That You Need To Be Using In 2014

Learn how to develop WordPress Plugins

01  – Under <Wordpress-directory>wp-contentPlugins create a directory with the Plugin Name.

02 – There create a file <Plugin Name>.php

03 – Under WordPress plugins page the new plugin will be shown.

04 – Copy and paste the HelloWorld example below to <Plugin Name>.php file.

05 – Activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

06 – Your first plugin runs and displays “Hello World” at the top of WordPress admin area.

Example 1 - Hello World:
* Plugin Name: HelloWorld
* Plugin URI: http://www.flash-jet.com
* Description: HelloWorld Example
* Version: 1.5
* Author: Gabriel Magen
* Author URI: http://www.flash-jet.com
* License: A "Slug" license name e.g. GPL12

function hello_world()
    echo '<hr><b><center>Hello World !!!!!!!<hr>'; 


Read more about plugin development here: https://developer.wordpress.org/

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