Speed up

  1. MsConfig


  1. Remove activation watermark
  2. Find Your Windows Product Key
    • Cmd->
      • wmic path softwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey
    • More tricks
      • Cheap and good laptop suggestion.
  3. Make your machine faster
    •  Search in settings “Animation effects” and turn it off.
  4. General PC tips
  5. Reset password(not tested)


  1. Task manager->Tab “Start-up apps“->Sort by “Status”->Disable the non relevant apps.
  2. Run MRT
    1. Option 1: Click on Win+R
    2. Option 2: Open Cmd
  3. Windows settings->System->Storage:
    1. Temporary files->Remove
    2. Other users
    3. Others and more options.
  4. Run “Disk Cleanup” app.
  5. DownloadApp: WinDirStat, to analyze your disk space.
  6. Remove not relevate installations from Control panel.
  7. Use Microsoft PC manager
  8. Delete prefetch files


Pad lock

Xiaomi NOC LOC Fingerprint Padlock One Touch Open IPX7 Waterproof Portable Padlock For Smart Home

  • Xiaomi NOC LOC Fingerprint Padlock Fingerprint One Touch Open IPX7 Waterproof Portable Padlock From Xiaomi System For Smart Home
  • Link to product
  • How to use Video
  • Keywords:
    • Fingerprint lock
    • מנעול טביעת אצבע
    • מנעול ביומטרי

Driver & Software

How to and info

  • Method 1:
    • Search Windows menu for “Xerox Easy Printer Manager” and run.
    •  Select “CentreWave internet service”.
  • Method 2: 
    • Open Web Browser.
    • Browse to http://{Printer IP}/
  • Method 3:
    • Device Panel.
  • Username: admin
  • Password: Printer’s serial number
  • Link
  1. Download driver from here
  2. from control panel remove printer
  3. Open zip from #1.
  4. Run setup.exe

גז חורה

  • בלון גז 12 ק”ג עלות 250 שח
    • פיקדון 70 שח
    • גז 180 שח
    • סה”כ 250
  • ווסת וצינור 110 שח
  • מילוי חוזר של בלון 100 שח
  • קישור
  • טלפון
    • 08-991-0640
    • 052-270-1874

בית הפחם

  • מילוי רק בבלון שיש עליו סימון של בית הפחם
  • מילוי גז 120 שח
  • בעת לחץ חגים יום עצמאות 150 שח


  • מילוי בלון של אמישארגז 5 ק”ג 130 שח
  • Server that hosts the Printer
    • Control panel
    • Share printer
  • Client to install printer as a network printer
    • Go to control panel of windows.
    • Go to “Devices and printers”.
    • Click on “Add printer”.
    • Click on “The printer that I want isn’t listed”.
    • Click on “Add a printer “.
    • Select “Select shared printer by name”.
    • Write the following:
      • \\[printer’s IP]\Brother MFC-J470DW
    • Another way to add printer is :
      • In start windows search for Printers & scanners
      • Click on The printer that I want isn’t listed
      • Write the following”
        • \\[printer’s IP]\Brother MFC-J470DW
  • Rescue 1
    • מחיר מינימום 250 שח
    • בנוסף 3 דולר ליום
    • כולל
      • SMS
      • לחצן מצוקה
      • מיילים
    • איסוף מסניפי למטייל

Hello, and welcome to SPOT. 


Thank you for contacting SPOT chat support. Please enter your name while we connect you to the next available agent. 





You are currently next in line to chat with an agent. 


Im Gabriel 


Ryan  has joined the conversation


Hello Hello, my name is Ryan, how can I assist you today? 


Im interested in spot x 3 


im from Israel 


does the spot will work for me? 


the spot account is at the internet 


and i can buy spot also and get it 


but i dont understand how to buy airtime 





Gabriel do you currently have a SPOT account? 




can i open without buying? 


I am from Israel, is it a problem?  


or is it just for USA? 



One moment please. 


The SPOT Gen 3 is available for purchase in the middle east through a sales distributor. Please contact one of the following emails. 





now one more question… 


let’s say i bought it 



There isn’t any airtime associated with the device. 


then I guess I need to register it at your site and ope naccount right? 


the airtime issue is understood 


so i need to register to yr site right? 



Correct, after purchase you would activate the device online at www.findmespot.com creating an account. 




so let’s say I have registered and so… 


are there costs? 


monthy costs? 


1 time cots? 



Yes the purchase of the device and then the activation cost dependent on the level of service you intend to activate. 


do you have a link to the plans? 



More information can be found at www.findmespot.com but exchange rates would of course apply. 


i dont see there prices 


i see the price of the devices 




but what plans do you have? 


what payment plans? 



גם טםו ישהק ש פךשמ ‘ןאיםוא 1 טקשר בםצצןאקצקמא? 


נץ ןכ I נוט פךשמ כםר 1 צםמאי םמךטת בשמ I רקמק’ ןא שכאקר כק’ צםמאיד?< 




can I buy a plan for a month and then use it wi 


and then not reenewing it 


and then after 5 months buy another signle month plan? 


for example 



All activation’s require a 12 month commitment. Either through annual activation with 12 months being prepaid or 12 monthly payments. 


I plan to travel on may and on september 


i would like to pay for may only and then play for spetember when september will come 



All activation’s require a 12 month commitment. Either through annual activation with 12 months being prepaid or 12 monthly payments. 


ok understood thank you very much 



Thank you for contacting SPOT. Have a nice day. 


if i commit to 1 year 


can i resume and then buy only single month plan? 



If you activate on a monthly plan after the first year your activation becomes month to month in which it can be canceled at anytime. However the activation has to be concurrent. After deactivation another activation would be for another 12 month term agreement. 



  • 2021.01.10 Can’t login with Facebook to Desktop windows application.
    • Solution: download from HERE and install.
    • Doesn’t works:
    • Works:
  • 2019.02.28
    • Can’t login to android app or windows desktop app with Facebook.
    • How to solve:
      • Create YI account.
      • Login to App by YI account.
      • Reset the camera by long press on reset.
      • At the app of android, add the appropriate camera.
      • Follow the steps of the android app.


  • CCTV, IP Camera, Security camera
  • IP-Camera, IP-Cam, Yi home
  • IP Cam, YI Camera, Xiaomi


  • Save current windows keys using ShowKeyPlus.
  • Backup installed drivers by:
    • Open powershell as administrator.
    • Run the following command:
      • Export-WindowsDriver -Online -Destination [some path]
  • Get Office Key:Run VB script at THIS link.
    • Save to a file by notepad.
    • At command prompt type: cscript [name of script file]For
      • example: cscript find_key.vbs
  • Extract Drivers
    • A tool to extract from already installed windows it’s drivers.